Become a Supplier


We offer the best to our customers, so we demand the best of our suppliers. The opportunity therefore to be part of the world’s leading supply chain for marine fuel and lubricants is an immense one.

Competition is what business is built on, but you can only compete if you tick all the boxes.

We look to price, quality and reliability from day one.

It is after all a chain and our reputation is built on optimum performance from all the links, no matter how large or small.


General information
Upload of financial statement
Financial statement, including balance sheet and statement of income
If your company is not able to provide financial statement, please provide mother company’s financial statement and a Deed of cross guarantee
Print from official domestic company registration site clearly showing who owns the company
Ocean Intelligence report, B&D report or similar
Service to provide
Please choose if your company will deliver on board (DOB) or Cargo
Please state in which port(s) your company intends to supply and which fuel grade(s) you will be able to supply in relevant port(s)
Click here to read the Code of Conduct.

It is the responsibility of the supplier to inform Maersk Oil Trading of any material changes to the submitted information. If at any time the information contained in the company profile is found to be incomplete or inaccurate, the supplier profile may be deactivated or removed.